Organizations are masterpieces with many moving parts. In these changing times, organizations shift and innovate constantly. Your employees are at the heart of this. What if the employees in your organization felt more satisfied, motivated and engaged? How would that affect your profits and productivity?

A recent Forbes study, Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workplace, found a direct link between diverse teams and innovation.

The study tracked 321 executives with direct responsibility or oversight for their companies’ diversity and inclusion programs. All respondents worked for large global enterprises with revenue of more than $500 million and more than 40 per cent worked for companies with annual revenues of $5 billion or more. The respondents were evenly split between the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa.

The final report overwhelmingly concluded that a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential for driving innovation and guiding business practices. Moreover, when asked how their organizations would be leveraging diversity to achieve their business goals—including innovation—‘significantly more’ was the response of 40 per cent.

HR VOICE, March 6, 2014

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I work closely with organizations to develop strategies and plans that achieve a workplace culture where diversity is honored and integral to the organization’s blueprint. Together we develop the internal community of the organization which then impacts the external community (clients) – the strengths, experiences and knowledge of the employees work in harmony, giving the organization the best opportunity to thrive in our diverse society.

People around tableA diverse organizational culture has a direct positive impact on profitability and success.

Through the use of tools such as Appreciative Inquiry, Team Building, Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence, we can develop an organizational culture that propels your company or non-profit forward to meet targeted growth goals and objectives.

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Download your free copy of the Organizational Strengths Assessment