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View the reason why Veza exists and while you are there view some of the amazing content we have to offer on Youtube. In this channel, Manpreet Dhillon will inspire, enlighten, urge you to take action but most of all, connect in with your truth authentic self.

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Manpreet Dhillon is a Success Coach and a Human Resources and Organizational Management Consultant, working with individuals who strive to be better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management to allow her to incorporate emotional intelligence in an appreciative inquiry approach to coaching/consulting. Manpreet is also a contributing author to Chicken Soup to the Soul and a contributing author to another best selling Amazon book.

Manpreet has a strong passion for bringing the best out of people and have them live their dream life. She believes that everyone is meant to be strong, abundant, healthy while having the life they want both personally and professionally. On the business side, Manpreet works with organizations on strategy, human resources initiatives, change management, organizational culture and building community.



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What People Are Saying

"Oh man ... I feel like I fell in love with my purpose and work in the world again. I was feeling stuck around where to put my energy in my business, as well as confused as to why I was not making nearly as much money as I should be given how talented I am! I got clear on how I was not really treating my business like a BUSINESS, which is why it was not sustaining me financially. Manpreet helped me to take an honest look at what were the things getting in the way of me being successful and excavated some really deep blocks. She has such a holistic approach to her work - she combines coaching, consulting, energetic work and her amazing intuition to create massive change for her clients. I feel like a different person in terms of my business - way more freed up, motivated and committed. A whole new world and relationship has developed as a result of our work together. I am forever grateful!"
Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian

Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, Natalie the Coach www.nataliethecoach.com

“Getting a coach was the best decision I ever made. I signed up thinking it would help in my business. Not only has it helped get my business off the ground but it has totally changed my relationships as a wife and a Mom. I am living the life of my dreams and best of all I am inspiring my children to do the same."

Bippan Dhillon

Co-Founder, Love on Paper http://loveonpaper.com/

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